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Maximize Your Scale and Profit with Ai Text Messages

Automated Content Creation
Free up your schedule–our AI saves you time andeffort by creating the graphics, videos, content ideas, and post descriptions for you.
Brand and Voice Replication
AI analyzes and integrates the unique aspects ofyour brand and voice from your previous content to produce authentic material foryour audience, true to your style.
Diabetes Expertise
AI technology fused with unlimited diabetes expertise meansyou can easily produce endless content that connects with your diabetic audienceon a deeper level
Automated Engagement & Tracking
Help more people - our AI allows you to take on more clients by engaging them for you.
Simple Reporting
AI analyzes and organizes the key health data from your clients so you can easily review the information and make recommendations.
Diabetes Expertise
AI technology fused with unlimited diabetes expertise means you can easily engage with your audience on the important numbers
Set your remote engagement on auto-pilot in just 3 simple steps:



Add your existing clients to the portal.

After uploading your current clients to the portal, the AI engine will reach out to your clients and begin collecting information.

Let our AI engage your clients

Free up your schedule - Our AI saves you time and effort by engaging your clients for you.

Review the information together.

AI-enhanced reports make it easy to understand your client’s day-to-day life with diabetes so you can make the expert recommendations that improve their life.
Case Study

Goal - Recruit and retain 10 people with diabetes to participate in an automated RPM program using Facebook

Reported by Kelly Gann, MSN, RN, CDCES Manager, Clinical Operations
Create a Facebook audience using diabetes educational content.
Target the audience with an ad that promotes a free MMNT glucose device.
Use an automated chatbot on Facebook Messenger to collect messages and pitch the 90 day tracking challenge and pre-qualify the leads.
Use an automated chatbot on Facebook Messenger to collect 70 survey questions from potential participants.
Engage the participants on Facebook Messenger every day with our chatbot by asking about their meals throughout the day.
Providing an automated overview of meals and levels at the end of 30, 60, and 90 days using Facebook Messenger.
Engage the participants every week with diabetes content using Facebook Messenger.
5,560 LOGS
10 people
10 people
90 days
Adherence 90 days
The members were told to take at least one glucose reading per day for 90 days. With 10 members, this was a total of 900 readings. We ended with 792 readings.

One member missed rearly 100% of their readings while most members missed only a few throughout the 90 days.
The data was collected on the BioTel cellular device and sent directly to the BioTek Care portal for Kelly Gann to review.

Notes & Conclusion:

Additional data points we collected outside of glucose readings included daily meals, and physical activity. We collected the RAND survey, and General Health & Wellness survey at the beginning and end of the pilot. The participants providers were not involved and we only offered support for the duration of the pilot. At the conclusion of the pilot, we attempted to create a join paid offer but BioTel was sold to Phillips shotly after and the partnership died.

Unleash the power of AI to change both your business and the lives of others

“I got excited to be challenged. To get educated, to take my blood sugar, to be held accountable with daily check-ins, to be able to be understood, to be valued to be encouraged. I loved the personalized attention (I honestly thought at one point that I must be talking to one person doing day shift and one person doing night shift). It felt good to share my journey and not feel shamed.”

Client Image
AI-Assisted Diabetes Fighter

“I am down 15 pounds. I am more active than I have been in 15 years. I am off one of my blood pressure medicines and one cholesterol medication. Milton made it easier than it has ever been for me.”

Client Image
Health Transformation Achiever

“I have good news. I wanted to tell you that my doctor took me off medicine completely thanks to your help.”

Client Image
Empowered Wellness Achiever

Frequently asked questions.

What is the ultimate goal from the patient side using Milton?
Milton makes tracking easier than it has ever been for your patients. No more apps. Tracking your diabetes is now as easy as texting.
Do both the coach and the patient have access to the same report?
Yes, the coach can view the report from the portal. The patient gets the report via text.
What AI platform are you using? Is it HIPAA compliant?
We use OpenAI for now but are in the process of building our own LLM. We de-identify the data before it touches the OpenAI database so that we remain HIPAA compliant.
Can Milton learn our care protocols?
Yes, Milton can be prompted to adopt your care protocols.
Where does the name Milton come from?

Milton is inspired by the Tortoise and the Hare. He is a turtle with an “M” name to match the MMNT brand. Slow and steady wins the race!
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